Volvo I-Torque

Volvo i-Torque - No Compromise

AGENCY: Baldwin &
Alex Bittan
Wylie Sanchez
Joseph Kennemer
COLOR: Alice Abrahms

Under the direction of Alex Bittan, this road trip docu-series follows famed trucking industry guru, Joel Morrow, as he unveils the Volvo I-Torque with real truckers. BL&S followed Joel and his guests as they traveled across the state of Utah. The diverse terrain in the region allowed for Alex Bittan to flex the I-Torque’s capabilities across high-incline mountainous terrain, flat long-haul desert environments, and urban areas.

Four unscripted episodes delivered in six weeks

Each episode had many hours of footage, including interview, unscripted conversations, b-roll, and more, and the Transform team led by Editor Wylie Sanchez worked closely with director Alex Bittan and the Baldwin & creative team to craft storylines for each episode featuring a real trucker.