The post-production industry is undergoing a transformation, so we reimagined the business of post to better serve our clients and artists for the future. We are a new kind of full-service post house that can take a project from bid to delivery, or plug in to your workflow as needed.


John Monroe


Hey There -

I’m John Monroe, the Post-Sup and founder of Transform.

Post is one of those things that is sometimes an absolute joy… and other times a slow grinding march. But what is always true is that post has such a huge impact on the success of every project, and finding the right solution is tough.

Agencies, production companies, and brands are faced with tricky options… hire a full time team? Manage a bunch of freelancers? Get the budget for a traditional post-house? All of these options have their pros and cons… but to me it feels like these old business models are being stretched too far by our industry’s new challenges.

This is why Transform exists. A new kind of post house, built for the new age of post.
…but what does that mean exactly?

For companies, business models are destiny; and ours is structurally different that a traditional post-house. We operate with a small team of remote producers and workflow specialists, utilizing cloud technology to connect with crews worldwide. Additionally, we've crafted a manifesto that serves as the foundation of our business. If you're curious about what makes us unique and drives our work, I recommend giving it a read.

In short, it boils down to these three things:

Craft - Doing good work for its own sake:
We approach post-production from a craftsman’s perspective. Our motivation is inherent in the work and our art is in the balance of resources, stakeholders, and quality.

Value - Providing good value for money.
We believe in maximizing the amount of budget that makes it onto screen. To achieve this we utilize new tech to lower overhead, foster flexible workflows, and maintain an efficient staff focused on producing well. Our value to clients and crew lies primarily our expertise in planning, hiring, executing, and delivering projects.

Life - Work is meant to support human flourishing
Hustle culture and the ‘starving artist’ archetype are not badges of honor. Non-stop whatever-it-takes work burns people out in the long run and doesn’t even produce great work in the short term. Work should support happy families, fulfilled people, and be something that you are proud of.

I am very passionate about the business of post-production, the tools and technology driving change, and the talented people in our industry. You can always contact me directly if you have any questions or just want to chat

John Monroe
Post Supervisor