Made in Dickies

CLIENT: Dickies
Butter Co
DIRECTOR: Hunter Lyon

EDITOR: Hunter Lyon, Will Clark, Matthew Connor Vietzke
MIX: Joseph Kennemer
COLOR: Alex Winker

This series tells the true stories of unique and hardworking craftsmen, capturing them on location in Los Angeles, California.

The Lowrider
In this episode, we meet lowriding icon Kay Kaoru. She has been forging her own way ever since she first laid eyes on her 1959 Chevy Impala and discovered the art of lowriding. Kay is building on her family’s legacy of hard work and draws inspiration from her community to carve a path all her own.

The Pitmaster
In this episode, we meet BBQ legend Kevin Bludso. Through combining the traditions passed down by his “granny”, with the lessons of perseverance from his parents, he’s built an icon with his own vision; a Texas-style BBQ joint in his hometown of Compton.

The Songbird
In this episode, we meet singer and recording artist, Kona Rose. Growing up, she was inspired by the level of dedication her mother put in as a dancer. From a young age, Kona learned that to make a career out of her passion for singing, she would need to work hard and put in the hours to perfect her craft.

Delivering a suite of long-form, 0:30’s, and short-form social assets, this campaign aired across broadcast, social, and OTT.