Cadillac - 300 Miles to X

Cadillac - 300 Miles to X

CLIENT: Cadillac
AGENCY: Texas Monthly
DIRECTOR: Alex Bittan
: Will Clark
COLOR: Alex Winker
VFX: Native VFX

Alongside production partner BL&S, we created a four episode series of unscripted short docs about creatives in Texas featuring the new Cadillac LYRIQ. Each episode features bold and innovative talent from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston share their stories and inspirations from the driver’s seat of the all-electric Cadillac LYRIQ. Before production we recorded VO via remote patch and created rough assemblies so that the production team could shoot for edit (what a rare opportunity!)

Assembling the pre-recorded interviews before the shoot gave our production partners the advantage of knowing exactly what they needed.

Editor Will Clark crafted first versions of each video sequentially before moving on to revisions as a whole so that we could find the individual spirit of each episode while retaining consistency across the series. In addition to editorial Transform worked with facility partner BL&S to package color, VFX cleanup, and sound mix, to deliver a full service project.

EP1: Jackie Venson

Recording artist and Austin-native Jackie Venson has earned a loyal fan base and critical acclaim in her ten years of performing. Based in blues, her multi-genre sound seamlessly blends in elements of rock and reggae. With a background in piano and education from Berklee College of Music, Venson found her true joy in pursuing guitar. A driving force behind Venson’s passion is the legacy of her father’s tenured career as a musician.

The LYRIQ and Venson’s career share similar themes: charging into a new era while building on legends of the past. In the all-electric LYRIQ, Venson travels 100 miles west from the historic Antone’s Nightclub in Austin to Enchanted Rock to find inspiration and peace in nature.

She continues to evolve her music by utilizing technology to reimagine her old songs. In her effort to deliver new sounds to the world, Venson also seeks to create classics; something fresh, but familiar.

Ep2: Elizabeth Johnson

Chef Elizabeth Johnson set out to do more than just make delicious dishes when she opened her San Antonio restaurant Pharm Table in 2015. Inspired by cuisine from around the world, Johnson reinvents comfort foods as medicine with a vision of promoting a better quality of life. While much of her menu is plant-forward, it does feature locally sourced, pasture-raised animal proteins.

Driving 50 miles northeast in the all-electric LYRIQ, Johnson partners with a regenerative farming operation for some of these proteins. This technology is the key to sustainability both in this type of animal grazing and the LYRIQ’s efficiency. A new way to look at how we eat and how we drive.

One dish at a time, Chef Elizabeth Johnson is changing the landscape of healthy eating and innovating with every recipe.

Ep3: Val Jean-Beart (Coming Soon)
Ep4: David Maldonado (Coming Soon)